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Claire Extraordinaire:

Journey to London

Claire Love is off on a new adventure.


Where will she go? Who will she meet? What will she learn along the way? Join Claire as she travels to London with her family to visit her grandad Jazz, music manager to the stars. Unexpected adventures always seem to come her way because she's not just Claire, she's Claire Extraordinaire.

Claire Extraordinaire:

And The Ghost on Brondesbury Road


Claire and her family’s time in London visiting Grandad Jazz is off to a great start!

They are excited to explore and reunite with their family and friends…but Claire can’t stop thinking about Grandad Jazz’s house and the memory of Mom saying it used to be haunted. She just can’t shake the feeling that something is there… Join Claire Extraordinaire as she learns to find courage and face her fears when opportunities arrive along her journey in London. See what fun she’ll have and the lessons Claire will learn from the Ghost on Brondesbury Road.   

Claire Extraordinaire:

Music Video Mischief


While Mom and Dad escape to the English countryside for a weekend with their friends, Claire and her sidekick sisters are excited for the chance to meet their favorite boy band.


Grandad Jazz, music manager to the stars, has planned for their next adventure to see one of his bands shoot their music video, but Claire’s excitement nearly ruins the day. Lights, camera, grounded... will Claire and her sisters come out of hiding and face the music before Mom and Dad return? Join Claire Extraordinaire as she learns the importance of staying calm and following directions, no matter who or what may come her way...  

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