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Meet The Love Family

"...There's a little 'Extraordinaire' in all of us."
- Claire

Music Video Mischief - book 3

Meet Claire

Claire Love is the leader of the pack...and she's got a mane to match. Like a lion, she's always on the hunt for the next great adventure; whether she's playing basketball, or pulling a suitcase through the terminal, she's the one you want to follow.

Meet Lila

Lila Love is the middle sister...when she's not dribbling the basketball down the court, she's mixing the bowl. Lila loves to cook...soup is her specialty. She's witty, and silly, and a wee bit mysterious. Lila's advice would be, "If you're a middle child, just remember, the best part of the Oreo is the middle." 

Meet Rose

Rose Love may be the youngest, but she’s the quickest to bloom. Learning from her sisters, she is skilled on the court, helpful around the house, and wise beyond her years. Rose is the one that you want on your side when the growing gets tough.

Meet Dad

Sergeant Love: Once a Marine, always a Marine…he’s the bravest guy they know. Protector, provider, coach on the sidelines, and their number one fan; he takes the role of “Girl Dad” to a whole new level.

Meet Mom

Mrs. Love is the original world traveler. She uses her life experience to teach her girls the value of being strong and independent. Whether it’s in the kitchen or in the garden, flying solo or with the crew, Mom’s got the advice and she’ll give it to you.

Meet Grandad

Grandad Jazz dares you not just to dream, but to truly live. He uses his knowledge and love of life to inspire and guide everyone around him. He may be a music manager to the stars, but he’s just a special Grandad to his little “Loves.” Best of all, he’ll make a tea lover out of anyone.

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