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Dad's Safety Tips

  1. Check your six: be aware of your surroundings, eyes up, ears open. If you can’t see your commanding officers, you’ve gone too far.

  2. Have a Battle Buddy with you at all times.

    • ​​Battle Buddy: someone to go with you on all missions; never go alone. 

  3. Sir, yes Sir: Respect your elder’s directions; listen to your mom and dad.

  4. Keep your barracks clean: Keep your stuff together and organized so nothing gets lost.
    Messy Bed, Messy head.  

  5. If you lose track of your platoon, have a comms plan: Memorize important numbers and keep cell phones charged. Have a “Home Base” planned in case you are separated.

  6. Retreat! Be careful of large crowds. Always know the location of entrance and exit.

  7. While on deployment, take time to enjoy the entertainment, and surroundings as best you can. 


Semper Fi! (Always faithful) Oorah!

But around these parts we take to heart, "Semper Claire Extraordinaire."

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