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Pack Like A Pro!


Whether packing for a short weekend getaway or a long holiday abroad, Mom’s tips for packing always keep the luggage rolling smoothly… 

  1. Start off planning your outfits!  

  • Everyone usually takes a lot of pictures on trips, so it’s good to pick out
    clothes that coordinate nicely with your travel companions.  

  • Planning avoids over packing.  

  • Pick out clothes that you can mix and match.  

  • Try to have a few outfits for a fancier outing and pick out just a few pairs
    of shoes to coordinate with daytime and evening time outfits. 

  • When picking out clothes, try to go for things that don’t wrinkle too easily;
    get out and have fun!  


    2. Check the weather before you pack!  

  • You don’t want to pack summer clothes, and then show up and find out it’s rainy and cold. Checking what the weather is like in the season you are traveling is a good way to be prepared.  

  • Even when traveling in summer, it’s a good rule to pack a light coat or a denim jacket for cooler nights. 

   3. Roll it before you pack it! 

  • When packing your suitcase, rolling your clothes is the best way to fit a lot in.  

  • Items that are too bulky to roll, like jackets and jeans are best folded nicely.  

  • Place shoes like sneakers and flip flops on their sides, and stuff socks or jewelry into shoes that might crease. Pack rolled up clothes around the shoes so they don’t get crunched.  

  • Leave a little space for your toiletry bag too! Make sure things that can spill are in zip lock baggie so nothing gets ruined in your bag. 

  • If you’re packing a hat, make sure you stuff small soft items in the dome of the hat so it doesn’t get scrunched too, or even better, wear it instead!  


Don’t pack too much; you want to have a little space leftover in case you buy some souvenirs on your trip.  

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